What We Do

No hidden costs

Sometimes web designers fail to mention that a website needs to be hosted on a server and that is generally not a free service. Web hosting through us or any number of web host companies will cost no more than $3.50 a month.

You will need a domain name. www.yourname.com You should not have to pay more than $9.99 a year for a domain name (unless you want to buy nike.com or pepsi.com, etc.). It’s not a difficult process and we will help you get this done.

• We can create a one page website for as low as $35.
• We will create a five page WordPress site using one of our templates with a generic logo (or your logo) for $150
• We can create your event poster (11×17 inches) and have 50 printed for as low as $160. We will ship them to you for FREE.

Contact us for prices on brochures, catalogs, e-commerce websites, logos and product photography. Our low overhead costs help keep your budget from getting out of control.